Le Cambodge Hors des Sentiers Battus

Who are we ?

Chenda and Pierre-Yves are happy to introduce you to the different domains of Terres Rouges Collection !

The encounter of East and West !

We are East and West, the marriage of the Loire and the Mekong Rivers, Yin and Yang maybe…

Twenty years ago a former paratrooper of the UN peace keeping mission in Cambodia fell in love with a local Apsara, a flock of realisations ensued some located in the most improbable and remote areas of the Kingdom, as well as… three children !

In a perpetual aestetics and cultural quest, our little weakness is to showcase the magical places we discovered while traveling the Kingdom.

Chenda and Pierre-Yves are happy to introduce you to the different domains of Terres Rouges Collection !

Pierre-Yves CLAIS
Chief Mahout

“Davy Crockett” first arrived in Cambodia in 1992 as a paratrooper. A travel writer for more than twelve years, he conceives the trips offered by Terres Rouges and looks after various hotel developments. Mean, brutal and cynical, you don’t want to cross his path…

The CLAIS family
Our small tribe

Fond of adventure, adrenaline junkies, young and older Clais practice a lot of sports and outdoor activities. The children have been brought up a bit like Mowgli; from elephants to dolphins they have such an intimate relation with the animal world that their school buddies are not surprised anymore by their scorpions or cobra stories…

Chenda CLAIS
The Boss

A Daughter of Phnom Penh, fluent in three languages and highly efficient, Chenda is the true Lider Maximo of Terres Rouges.

Apart from her various businesses, the indefatigable Chenda is everywhere, particularly if it is about helping other Cambodian women gain emancipation through their work. Secretary General of « Cambodia Women Business Federation » she is frequently invited to share her experiences on various TV or radio channels.

Everybody in the family is a dirt bike rider, except Mom !