Le Cambodge Hors des Sentiers Battus

Our other ventures

Khmer Elephant Foundation

The Airavata project was born of the need to protect the very last elephants of Ratanakiri province at a time when these magnificent animals might disappear not only from Ratanakiri but from Cambodia.

In the old days, each Ratanakiri tribe would own a few elephants but, time passing, the province started loosing its pachyderms. An exceptional heritage was on the verge of disappearance, elephants but also all the knowledge passed on from generation to generation by families of mahouts.

We are therefore proud and happy to introduce you to the very last elephants of the province in their natural environment, the protected forest of Okatieng.

A Conservation Project that is both cultural, ecological and social, AÏRAVATA allows a real interaction with elephants and teaches the public to know them, to take care of them and to ride them themselves.

Chamkar Damnak
pepper plantation & farm stay

The “Chamkar Damnak” plantation is deeply rooted in the history of Kep-Kampot region.

Located in the heart of the area known as PGI for Protected Geographical Indication, Chamkar Damnak strives to remain true to the spirit of the first farmers practicing “organic” farming to which we give our personal touch using the powerful natural fertilizer of our elephants from the Ratanakiri province where we are also long established.

Our peppers black, white, red or green are highly popular among catering professionals.